Canby Rental handles all types of rentals, from lawn & garden equipment to home remodel & construction tools.
We offer only the highest quality and best maintained equipment. Click here for an entire list of rentals.

Canby Rental & Equipment, Inc.

476 NW 1st Ave.
Corner of 1st & Elm
in downtown Canby


Our hours:

April through Sept:
Mon-Thurs 8-5:30, Fri 8-5:29
Sat 8-5, Sun 10-4

Oct through March:
Mon-Thurs 8-5:30, Fri 8-5:29
Sat 8-5, Sun Closed

Information on rentals is listed here:

The minimum rental charge is the first rate listed on the left for a particular rental.           

Other miscellaneous charges may apply for bits, blades, belts, rods, paper, pads, fuel and etc.

Rentals are charged for all time out! Prompt return of equipment will save you money.           

Lights and tires are the responsibility of the customer. Please use equipment safely!           

Avoid clean-up charges; please make an effort to clean equipment before it is returned.           

Rates for larger powered rentals include the trailer to haul them.           

Rental rates, prices, and availability are subject to change without notice.